The immediate surroundings of holiday home 't Klein Keuvelhof in Knokke are your starting point for many activities. You can make beautiful bike trips to the sea and beach and nature reserve Het Zwin is close by. Shopping or eating out in the city is only a stone's throw away from our holiday villa. 

The Zwin

Ooievaars in de buurt van vakantiehuis 't Klein Keuvelhof in Knokke

The Zwin nature reserve extends over Flanders and the Netherlands, more specifically Knokke in Belgium and Cadzand in the Netherlands. Via the "Zwingeul", the area is connected to the North Sea that enters the Zwin twice a day. Because of the daily influence of the saline seawater, the Zwin plain has an extraordinary fauna and flora that is unique on the southern North Sea coast. Thousands of migratory birds use the Zwin reserve to rest or breed. On their migration to overwintering areas in the south or to their summer breeding areas in the north, they invariably make a stopover in Het Zwin. A walk through the nature reserve is to be recommended, on your own or accompanied by a guide.


Wandelen in de omgeving van vakantieverblijf 't Klein Keuvelhof in Knokke

Start your walk from our luxury holiday home 't Klein Keuvelhof. You can take a brisk walk in the direction of the city, where you cross a beautiful piece of polders. You can walk to Oosthoek via the Hazegrasstraat or through the polders via the old grass dikes.

From the Oosthoek you can go through the Zwinbosjes to the beach or towards the Zwin nature reserve. We will gladly advise you for some nice short or longer walks.


Fietstochten in de buurt van vakantiehuis 't Klein Keuvelhof in Knokke

Knokke-Heist has 80 km of cycle paths. The 10 km long trip along the sea dike from the Zwin mouth via the Zoute, Knokke, Albertstrand, Duinbergen to Heist is an experience in itself.

You can also follow the beautiful "Polder Route" (or part of it), or the cycling route of the "Bruges Ommeland". The possibilities are extensive and diverse.


Zwinmonding in de buurt van vakantiehuis 't Klein Keuvelhof in Knokke

You can enjoy cycling from our holiday home via the Zwin mouth towards Cadzand-Bad in the Netherlands, and cycle on the bike path through the dunes towards Breskens. The seaside is so beautiful while from the dunes you have a wide overview of the North Sea during your entire cycle trip. A pit stop in one of the many beach bars is an ideal moment of rest.

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