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We like to rent out our holiday home in an atmosphere of mutual respect. The target audiences for our holiday home are groups of friends or families who enjoy pleasant surroundings and a warm atmosphere and want to spend time together. We do not cater for noisy parties, bachelor parties and groups of young people.

Pets are not allowed and smoking is forbidden in all parts of the house. You are not permitted to enter the farm owner’s buildings and private property. When you make a reservation, you have to agree to the house rules and the general rental terms.

Rental terms:

Reservation and payment:

Reservations are by email.  When making a reservation, you accept all of the rental terms and the house rules.

Before a booking is final, 50% of the rental fee needs to be paid. The remainder of the rental fee should be deposited one month before the start of the rental period.

Tenants must pay the rental fee within 14 days of making a reservation, otherwise the rental agreement will be deemed to be terminated by operation of law and the Landlord will have the right to immediately let the holiday home again during the period concerned.

If the rental contract is entered into within 5 weeks of the day on which the rental commences, the full rental fee and the security deposit must be paid immediately.

Security deposit

The Tenant has to pay a security deposit of 500 euros before he/she can use the property. The security deposit must be paid together with the remainder of the rental fee one month before the start of the rental period. If there is no damage to the property, the Landlord will repay this security deposit to the Tenant within 2 weeks of the end of the rental period.

Rental period

De intrek in de vakantiewoning gebeurt op de eerste dag van de huurperiode vanaf 17u. Het vertrek uit de vakantiewoning dient te gebeuren op de laatste dag om 10u ’s morgens. Bij weekendverhuur op zondag om 19u.

Subletting and transfer of rental agreement

It is not permitted to sublet the holiday home or transfer the rental agreement to third parties.

Intended use of the holiday home

The holiday home may not be occupied by more than 12 persons. This also means that tents, caravans and motorhomes are not permitted. If this maximum number of persons is exceeded, 25% of the rental fee will be charged for each extra person and this will be withheld from the security deposit.

Cleanliness and damage

The Landlord places great importance on the cleanliness of the holiday home. The Landlord should be notified in the event of any damage. Naturally, accidents can always occur, but repairing things immediately prevents further damage. The Tenant is responsible for the holiday home and all its contents and is expected to treat these with proper care.

The Landlord always retains the right to terminate the rental agreement and to evict the Tenants from the holiday home if a Tenant has caused serious damage to the holiday home.

A no-smoking policy applies in the holiday home. Smoking is allowed outside the holiday home, but the Tenant must always discard cigarette ends before leaving the holiday home. Pets (large or small) are not allowed.


If you cancel the rental agreement up to 30 days before the start of the rental period, 50% of the rental fee will be charged. If you cancel the rental agreement less than 30 days before the start of the rental period, the full rental fee will be charged. The Tenant should take out cancellation insurance if necessary.


The Tenant is liable for any damage caused by his/her fault or negligence, and also for any damage arising from a failure to observe the obligations set out in the rental agreement. The Tenant is also liable for damage caused by fellow holidaymakers and anyone he/she invites into the holiday home. Furthermore, the Tenant is liable for accidents that occur in and around the house.

Access to the holiday home

You are not permitted to organise bachelor parties, or any similar kinds of parties in our holiday home.

In and around the farm

You are not permitted to enter the farm owner’s buildings and private property. The owner can always be reached by telephone if a problem occurs.


Bicycles can be rented, and we have partnered up with a cycle rental firm that brings bicycles to the holiday home. The bicycles must be paid for in cash to the owner, otherwise the amount will be withheld from the security deposit.

Leaving the holiday home

Please leave the holiday home clean and tidy. In other words, please sweep the house, wash the dishes and neatly put away all the household goods in the cupboards. Any food and drink should be removed from the fridge and/or cupboards. Towels and bed linen should be left in the large washing baskets in the technical area. Any waste in refuse bags should be left outside. The terrace should also be left clean.

If the home is extremely soiled, a charge for additional cleaning will be withheld from the security deposit.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Belgian law applies to the rental agreement. Any disputes which cannot be settled amicably will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of the district of Bruges, this being the location of the holiday home.